Scouting Network

ScoutsUnited connects more than 6.000 soccer business members worldwide and has access to additional 4.000+ members through a tight collaboration with Network90. ScoutsUnited/ is one of the biggest and most powerful soccer networks.

The inner circle of ScoutsUnited contains only selected partners (by recommendation, invitation or application) and acts worldwide.

Anybody connected to either players or clubs can join us free of charge.

ScoutsUnited, which is a huge network to help each other in the football business, covers different countries.

We are looking forward to your application. Just make use of one of our application forms.

ScoutsUnited belongs to:
Spielervermittlung - Spielervermittler Netzwerk - Playersintermediation - Playersagents Network

We are ambassador of:
Network90 by Luis Figo - Sportbusiness Netzwerk - Network